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Share Your Memories About Brownsville!

Oral history is a method of conducting historical research through recorded interviews between a narrator with personal experience of historically significant events and a well-informed interviewer, with the goal of adding to the historical record.  In November 2020, Enid Pinkney organized a series of oral history interviews with Dr. Shedrick Boren of Florida International University Honors College.  Together they connected students with Brownsville community members and created around 20 oral histories.

Trained staff from Plusurbia will be conducting additional oral history interviews with Brownsville community members from February 2022 through November 2022.  Interviews may be conducted in person or virtually via Zoom, and will be recorded.


Plusurbia staff will create a written transcript of the interview, which will be shared with the Historic Hampton House and The Black Archives.  Information from the oral history interviews may be used in the Brownsville Historic Survey report, and the interview may be published on the Brownsville Historic Survey website. 

Sign up for an Oral History Interview

If you would like to sign up for an oral history interview, please email us at  A staff member will contact you to schedule the interview.

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Oral Histories

Kathryne Wyche

Martha Day

Mrs. Miller & Mrs. Pratt

Sumner Hutcheson lll

Martha Welters

Dr. Enid Pinkney

John Robert Marks III

Milton Vickers

Agenoria Powell and Fletcher Paschal

State Rep. James Bush lll

Neal Adams

Emmet Jay Williams

Judge Leo Adderly

Martin Ellis

Ernestine Williams & daughters Roniece & Rojean

Herman Dorsett

Dr. Dorothy J. Fields

Dr. Michael Meares

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