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Community Involvement

Plusurbia will be coordinating with the Historic Hampton House and the Brownsville Civic Neighborhood Association throughout the Brownsville Historic Survey.  Together we will conduct “History Harvests” to gather memories of the neighborhood, provide project updates, and request continuous feedback to make sure we are getting the story right. 

Upcoming Events:


Stay tuned for future events.


Past Events:

1. February 8, 2022: American Planning Association Florida Chapter Black History Month Webinar Series

2. February 10, 2022: Community Forum / Brownsville History Harvest hosted by Historic Hampton House @ 4240 NW 27th Ave, Miami, FL 33142; 4pm - 7pm

3. March 8, 2022: Brownsville Historic Survey Community Zoom Update, 6pm - 8pm

Passcode: bjC9=zm%


4. March 12, 2022, 9:00am: Brownsville Historic Survey Project Update, part of the Brownsville Civic Neighborhood Association monthly meeting @ Jefferson Reaves Sr. Park, 3090 NW 50th St, Miami, FL 33142

Passcode: SUBHISTORY1.


5. March 19, 2022, 11am: Community Forum / Brownsville History Harvest hosted by Rev. Charles Dinkins @ Antioch Missionary Baptist Church 2799 NW 46th Street, Miami, FL 33142 


Tell Us About a Historic Place

Is there a particular building, street, or location in Brownsville that you remember vividly?  Is there something that we are missing in our research so far?  Please let us know!  Email us with locations and memories at

4865 NW 31 AVE_HISTORIC_Page_3_web.jpg

Submit your Historic Photograph

If you have historic photographs that tell the story of Brownsville, including your family, your home, local churches, schools, businesses, or events that you would like to share, you can email a digital image of the photograph to us at Please include in your email the following information, if available:

  1. Who should be credited for the photo.

  2. The year the photo was taken.

  3. The address of the location and the place name, if any (ie, Baptist Church or Smith House)

  4. The names of the people photographed, if any.

  5. If we may share the photo with the Black Archives and the Historic Hampton House for archival purposes.

  6. If you consent for the photo to be shared publicly, such as in the Brownsville Historic Survey Report or the Brownsville Historic Survey Website.

Deco house 3115 NW 48 TER_HISTORIC_Page_1.jpeg
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